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Sample Drop

NMR Request Form

After downloading please open the file and enter your data into the first two lines. Afterwards you can save the file on your computer and use it.

  • Please use the name of your group as it is implemented on the spectrometers. AC1G (Ganter), AC1J (Janiak), AC1K (Kläui), ACIIF (Frank), BCMCS (Stahl), BCSCH (Schmitt), EOC-Praktikum, OC-Praktikum, OC1B (Braun), OC1M (Müller), OC1S (Schaper), OC2R (Ritter), PC1W (Weinkauf), Pharm Biol.
  • If reasonable please provide a office and a laboratory phone number in case of occuring questions.
  • Please provide the username as it is given on spectra.
  • Please provide your first name and last name in adition.
  • The group name and the username should be printed in bold face, in order to help the operator to inpit your data.

If you use Word 2007/2010/2011, it is possible to mark the topics on the request form electronically.

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